Some people I'd like to contact, in no particular order

People from Beechwood, Challney and Sixth Form, Luton
Ian Tompkins - went off to the police force after school
Sukpal Sanghera - genius
Adrian Hack - his Suzuki was the first bike I ever rode Found again!
Tony Turvey - fellow Goon Found but not contacted - write me!
Martin "Greens" Greenacre - another fellow Goon
Lennox Adams - badminton player extraordinaire
Heather Brown - synchronised friend - heard she had a jewelry shop in Ampthill.
Geoffrey West - went to my first Luton Town game with him and his Dad
Niel Sears
Gordon Bavister (Bannister?)
Graham Bowler
Graham Baker Found in Australia
Stephen Hunt
Michael Stent
David Suttle
Martin Lovett
Clive Whittle Semi-found - was last known to be working at SKF, have snail mail address.
David and Aiden O'Nions found!

This page is really just here to get the attention of the spiders so that if any of the people do a "vanity search" they will find my site.

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